II IMDE: Conference Amazon-Andalusia on PDEs

Belém, Brazil, June 10-13, 2019


In July 2006, it was held in Belém-Brazil the first edition of the “International Meeting on Differential Equations – IMDE”, celebrating the 80th birthday of Luiz Adauto Medeiros and his contributions to research and teaching on Differential Equations in Brazil. That event was sponsored by “Instituto do Milênio II-AGIMB” through a project involving a team of teachers of UFPA and coordinated by professor Francisco Júlio Sobreira de Araujo Corrêa, professor of the Department of Mathematics of Federal University of Pará during the years 1996-2007 and, posteriorly, Visiting professor of the Post-Graduation Program of Mathematic and Statistic of the same institution (2011-2013).

The main ideas behind the I IMDE were the following:

(1) Create an atmosphere conducive to scientific collaboration in Differential Equations in North of Brazil;

(2) Reinforce the Post-Graduation Program in Mathematics of UFPA;

(3) Giving visibility to research carried out in Amazon and create a network with foreign researchers.

The first edition was attended by at least 50 participants, among them, 33 invited speakers. Some of those speakers were professors of Seville University, Spain, who, in that moment, made their first visit to Brazilian Amazonian region. It was the first contact between mathematicians of the PDE groups of UFPA and Seville University. The years that followed, disclosed the beginning of a prolific scientific collaboration activity.

It is interesting to observe how the organization of that event generates a chain of positive consequences which had direct and decisive influence in the development of the Postgraduate Program in Mathematics of UFPA along of the next years and would ultimately contributing to some extent in the emergence of the Doctorate Program in Mathematics in wide association UFPA/UFAM. Indeed, the data below confirm our previous claim:


Teaching staff of PPGM/UFPA which carried out Postdoctoral research at Seville University during the years following the organization of the congress.

(1) Prof. Cristina Lúcia Dias Vaz – 2006/2007.

(2) Prof. Francisco Júlio Sobreira de Araújo Corrêa – 2009.

(3) Prof. Geraldo Mendes de Araújo – 2012/2013.

(4) Prof. Giovany de Jesus Malcher Figueiredo – 2012/2013.

(5) Prof. João Pablo Pinheiro da Silva – 2014/2015.

(6) Prof. João Rodrigues dos Santos Júnior – 2017/2018.


Students of PPGM/UFPA which carried out part of their doctorate course at Seville University

(1) João Rodrigues dos Santos Júnior – 2012/2013.

(2) Willian Cintra da Silva – 2015/2016.

(3) Italo Bruno Mendes Duarte – 2015/2016.

(4) Mirelson Martins Freitas – 2015/2016.


Number of scientific articles accepted/published in international journals

Despite the heritage left behind by I IMDE, due to many reasons the second edition it was never realized. Taking into account the exchange already started between professors and students of PPGM/UFPA and professors of Seville University, the II IMDE was thought does not only as an attempt to strengthen the research links between these two institutions, but mainly, to extend the successful model of collaboration in order to include researchers of other institutions of Brazilian Amazonian region and Spanish Andalusian region.

In this way, underpinned by good scientific performance indicators that followed the organization of the I IMDE in 2006, the second edition of the IMDE has as its theme: “Conference Amazon-Andalusia on Partial Differential Equations”. Some novelties of the present edition are the following ones:

1) It is not an event exclusively organized by research groups in mathematics of UFPA, but also by research groups of UFAM, Seville and Granada Universities;

2) The event aims to expand the existent links between the research groups on PDEs of UFPA and Seville University in order to include other groups in their respective regions. We hope that the II IMDE shortens the distance between the South of Spain and the North of Brazil. The “II IMDE: Conference Amazon-Andalusia on PDEs” will be held in Belém, Brazil, from 10 to 13 June, 2019.





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The “II IMDE: Conference Amazon-Andalusia on PDEs” will be held in Belém, Brazil, from 10 to 13 June, 2019.

Check out the beauties of Amazon (North of Brazil) and Andalusia (South of Spain) regions. Do not miss out on our Fanpage.




Please, follow the steps below:

a) To register

  • Select the appropriate option of registration fee by clicking on the corresponding buttom, full in and submit the registration form below
  • Wait for the registration confirmation message
  • Pay the registration fee through a bank transfer or deposit and send your proof of payment
    to [email protected] You also have the option to pay the registration fee on the
    first day of the conference at the registration desk (please note that, in this case, the
    registration fee to be applied will be that for registrations made after April 30th).

b) To submit an abstract (see deadline in Special and Poster sessions)

  • Download this template to write your abstract. Please do not change the template’s format.
    Fill in the submission form below and upload your abstract.
  • Wait for the submission confirmation message

Undergraduate students and others **


Phd and Master’s students and state school teachers **


Researchers and teachers of university **


* Registration fees in brazilian reals (Until April 30, 2019)
** Registration fees in brazilian reals (After April 30 until June 10, 2019, at the registration desk)
*** The registration includes access to lectures, sessions and coffee breaks

Current account for the payment of the registration fee
• International transfer
Bank: Banco do Brasil
Agency: 3702-8
IBAN code: BR21 0000 0000 0370 2000 0231 061C1
Full Name: João Rodrigues dos Santos Júnior

• National transfer
Banco do Brasil
Agência: 3702-8
Conta corrente: 23.106-1
João Rodrigues dos Santos Júnior

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Since the II IMDE will be held parallel to the IV Week of the students of mathematics of UFPA, we have included below the option to undergraduate students submit an abstract to present a poster. In the case of posters submitted by undergratuate students, the deadline will be May 10th.

NoneElliptic PDEsEvolution PDEsDifferential Geometry and Global Analysis

Undergraduate StudentsElliptic PDEsEvolution PDEsDifferential Geometry and Global Analysis


1. Adam Silva – UFPA

2. Adinayane Souza – UFPA

3. Alan Pereira de Miranda – UFPA

4. Alessandro Mesquita – UFPA

5. Alireza Khatib – UFAM 6. Alysson Tobias Ribeiro da Cunha – UFG

7. Amanda Corrêa – UFPA

8. Amilcar Montalban – UFPA

9. Ana Cláudia Damasceno Carrilho – UFPA

10. Anderson Braz – UFPA

11. Anderson Ramos – UFPA

12. André Felipe Medeiros Pinheiro – UFPA

13. André Henrique – UFPA

14. Andréia Pinheiro – IFPA

15. Andrelino Vasconcelos Santos – UFPA

16. Ândson JoséAlmeida – UFPA

17. Antonio Carlos Lima do Nascimento – UFPA

18. Antonio Edilson da Silva Brito – UFPA

19. Antonio Suárez – Universidad de Sevilla

20. Arielly Cook – UFPA

21. Augusto Costa – UFPA

22. Bárbara Maia da Silva – UFPA

23. Beatriz Rodrigues Viana da Silva – UFPA

24. Beatriz Teixeira Oliveira – UFPA

25. Bleidson Moreira Rabelo – UFPA

26. Braúlio Maia – UFPA

27. Brendo Costa – UFPA

28. Bruno Medeiros Costa – UFPA

29. Celso Formigosa – UFPA

30. Celso Junior – UFPA

31. Claudianor Alves – UFCG

32. Clayton Ribeiro – UFPA

33. Cristian Morales-Rodrigo – Universidad de Sevilla

34. Cristiane Ruiz Gomes – UFPA

35. Cristiano de Souza Silva – UFAM

36. Cristina L. Dias Vaz – UFPA

37. Damião Júnio Araújo – UFPB

38. Danilo Pedreira – UFPA

39. David Arcoya – Universidad de Granada

40. Denilson da Silva Pereira – UFCG

41. Denise Paxião – UFPA

42. Deivison Costa – UFPA

43. Diego Araujo de Souza – UFPE

44. Diele Baia Monteiro – UFPA

45. Dnilson Braga – UFPA

46. Edcarlos Silva – UFG

47. Edgard Pimentel – PUC Rio

48. Erick Rodolfo Souza Trindade – UFPA

49. Ernani de Sousa Ribeiro Júnior – UFC

50. Eugenio Tommaso Massa – USP

51. Evanildo Conceição Vieira Soares – UFPA

52. Everaldo Medeiros – UFPB

53. Ewerton Bastos – UFPA

54. Fabiane Soares dos Santos – UFPA

55. Fernanda Carolina Pereira – UFPA

56. Fernando Bruno Martins Nunes – UEAP

57. Flávia Elisandra Magalhães Furtado – UFAM

58. Francisco Julio Correa – UFCG

59. Gabriel Anchize Damasceno Fazzi – UFPA

60. Gabriel Monteiro de Souza dos Anjos – UFPA

61. Gabriela Coelho Rodrigues – UFPA

62. Gaetano Siciliano – USP

63. Gelson dos Santos – UFPA

64. Gilberlandio Dias – UNIFAP

65. Giliardo Dos Santos Rodrigues – UFPA

66. Giovany M. Figueiredo – UNB

67. Glêssa Nazaré Lima de Souza – UFPA

68. Guillermo Lobos – UFSCar

69. Igor Fernando Soares Batista Raiol – UFPA

70. Ilza de Jesus Alves Corrêa Sousa – UFPA

71. Iranildo Moia Tenorio – UFPA

72. Irene Castro Pereira – UFPA

73. Isabelle Siqueira da Costa – UFPA

74. Jair Salviano – UFPA

75. Jefferson Silva – UFPA

76. Jessica costeira – UFPA

77. Jéssica Nayara Oliveira – UFPA

78. João Marcos do Ó – UNB

79. João Pablo Pinheiro da Silva – UFPA

80. João Pantoja – UFPA

81. João Paulo dos Santos – UNB

82. João Rodrigues dos Santos Júnior – UFPA

83. João Felipe Silva – UFPA

84. João Vitor Costa Pantoja – UFPA

85. Joelma Morbach – UFPA

86. José Antonio Vilhena – UFPA

87. José Carmona Tapia – Universidad de Almería

88. José Gomes – UFAM

89. José Leandro Castro da Silva – UFPA

90. José Nascimento – UFPA

91. José Nazareno Gomes – UFAM

92. José Pastana – UFPA

93. Julia Batista de Lima – UFPA

94. Julio D. Rossi – Universidad de Buenos Aires

95. Julio Roberto Silva – UFPA Campus Cametá

96. Julio Silva – UFPA

97. Laia Fontinele – UFPA

98. Lais Santos – UFV

99. Leonan Pinheiro – UFPA

100. Leonardo José dos Passos Dias – UFPA

101. Leonardo Vale – UFPA

102. Leszek Gasinski – Pedagogical University of Krakow

103. Lidiany Raiol

104. Lorena Dayane dos Reis Castro – UFPA

105. Lorran Furtado – UFPA

106. Lucas Batista Paixão Ferreira – UFPA

107. Lucas Campos do Rosário – UFPA

108. Lucas Carvalho – UFPA

109. Lucas Ribeiro Mendes – UFPA

110. Lucas Sabino – UFPA

111. Luciano Galvão – UFPA

112. Luciano Santana Begot – UFPA

113. Luiz Amancio Sousa Júnior – UNIRIO

114. Luis Felipe Neves Soeiro – UFPA

115. Luis Henrique Freire Nascimento – UFPA

116. Manoel Henrique Monteiro

117. Marcel Vinhas Bertolini – UFPA

118. Marcelo Ferreira – UFCG

119. Marcelo Furtado – UNB

120. Marcelo de Lima Pereira – UFPA

121. Márcio Aldo Lobato – UFPA

122. Marcos Leandro Mendes Carvalho – UFG

123. Marcos Pimenta – UNESP Presidente Prudente

124. Marcos Raylan Pinheiro Araújo – UFPA

125. Marcus Antonio Mendonça Marrocos – UFABC

126. Maria Clara Batista Baia – UFPA

127. Maria Rosilene Barroso dos Santos – UFAM

128. Mariana do Socorro Jesus de Araújo Rodrigues – UFPA

129. Maridilce de Jesus Silva Brito – UFPA

130. Marineide Conceição – UFPA

131. Maristela Barbosa Cardozo – UFAM

132. Marjenny Rodríguez – UFPA

133. Matheus de Jesus Azevedo – UFPA

134. Matheus Correia dos Santos – UFRGS

135. Mauricio Fernandes – UFPA

136. Marcela Garcia – UFPA

137. Mayara Silvia Brito da Silva – UFPA

138. Michele Mendes – UFPA

139. Mirelson Freitas – UFPA

140. Murilo Batista

141. Natasha Tancredi Cerveira – UFPA

142. Neilha Pinheiro – UFAM

143. Noeme Matos – UFPA

144. Olimpio Miyagaki – UFJF

145. Oscar Ferreira da Silva Netto – UFPA

146. Pamela Suelen Pantoja Egues –

UFPA 147. Paolo Piccione – USP

148. Paulo Rhenan Hermes – UFPA

149. Pedro J. Martínez-Aparicio – Universidad de Almería

150. Rafael Leite – UFPA

151. Rafael Barbosa

152. Rafael Sampaio – UFPA

153. Renan Castro de Melo – UFPA

154. Renan Monteiro

155. Ricardo Lima – UNB

156. Ricardo Rocha – UFPA

157. Ricardo Ruviaro – UNB

158. Ronald Cardoso Barbosa – UFPA

159. Ruan Monteiro – UFPA

160. Rúbia Nascimento – UFPA

161. Sábado Muhassua – UFPA

162. Salvador Villegas – Universidad de Granada

163. Samuel Lobo – UFPA

164. Santiago Cano-Casanova – Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

165. Sergio Segura de Leon – Universidad de Valencia

166. Silvano Leonardo Albuquerque – UFPA

167. Suellen Arruda – UFPA

168. Thayná Nunes – UFPA

169. Tiago Coelho – UFPA

170. Tommaso Leonori – “Sapienza” Università di Roma

171. Vagner Luiz Serrão Pantoja – UFPA

172. Vanessa Deus – UFPA

173. Victor Marques – UFPA

174. Vinicius Costa – UFPA

175. Vinícius Oliveira do Vale – UFPA

176. Wallace Coelho Ramos Junior – UFPA

177. Wanessa Ferreira Tavares – UFAM

178. Welber Aires – UNIFAP

179. Willian Cintra – UNB


Dear Participants,
It is a pleasure for us to have you in Belem as a participant of the II IMDE: Conference
Amazon-Andalusia on PDEs, as soon as possible we will provide here the main
informations about the event. For the moment, we let you know the following

Official hotel of the conference
The official hotel of the conference will be the Regente hotel (regentebelem.com.br). Below we provide the special reservation fees (per day and in Brazilian real) for the participants of the conference:
Single room (without lunch or dinner): 180,00
Double room (without lunch or dinner): 205,00
Single room (with lunch or dinner): 255,00
Double room (with lunch or dinner): 355,00
Single room (with lunch and dinner): 330,00
Double room (with lunch and dinner): 505,00
All previous prices includes breakfast.

Your hotel reservation have to be made through an email to [email protected]
indicating that you are a participante of the Conference Amazon-Andalusia on PDEs,
providing your Check in and check out days and saying which option of room, among those
provided above, you prefer.
Participants interested in sharing a double room can send an email to
[email protected] or [email protected]

We suggest you to use Mobile Apps such, as Uber, or normal taxi, to travel inside Belém:
from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport.
Throughout the event there will be a bus to carry the participants from the Regente hotel to the conference and from the conference to the Regente hotel.
Sincerely yours, Chairs of the organizing committee.

Boat tour by the coast of Belem
DESCRIPTION: A privileged view of the city on a tour of Guajará Bay and Guama River. Contemplating Belem through the river in one of its most beautiful angles: See-the-Weight, Nativity Fort, House of Eleven windows, Old Town, Port of Salt, Docks Station. Come and be enchanted by the beautiful scenery provided on this tour!!
FEE: R$ 40,00 (Brazilian reals) per person
DAY: June 12th (before the conference dinner)
DURATION: 90 minutes (from 17:30 to 19:00)
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Send an email to [email protected] telling us about your interest in participating. Pay the fee only in the first day of the conference at the registration desk.

Conference Dinner
The menu includes different types of regional fishes, meat, paste, chicken, and some national foods, desserts and juices. You can eat as much as you want from 19:00 to 00:00.
FEE: R$ 96,00 (Brazilian reals) per person
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Send an email to [email protected] letting us know about your interest in participating. Pay the fee only in the first day of the conference at the registration desk.

Translation Services
Due to a large number of undergraduate students subscribed, during the speeches and plenary talks of the II IMDE there will be a translation service Portuguese-English-Portuguese. The translation needs are met by professional translators. To take advantage of the referred service, please, download the app Zello Walkie Talkie on your smartphone, iPhone or Notebook and search for the channel Conference Amazon-Andalusia. We provide a tutorial with more detailed information below (only in Portuguese). To hear the translations without disturbing the speaker, do not forget to use the earphones provided at the registration desk on the first day of the conference.
To download the tutorial, click here
Live transmission
The plenary talks will be transmitted live through the link http://www.aovivo.propesp.ufpa.br/














• Session I: Differential Geometry and Global Analysis

José Miguel Veloso (UFPA) – [email protected]
José Nazareno V. Gomes (UFAM) – [email protected]


• Session II: Elliptic PDEs


João R. Santos Júnior (UFPA) – [email protected]
Antonio Suárez (Universidad de Sevilla) – [email protected]


• Session III: Evolution PDEs


José Antonio Langa (Universidad de Sevilla) – [email protected]
Cristian Morales-Rodrigo (Universidad de Sevilla) – [email protected]


• Poster session


Marcus Marrocos (UFABC) – [email protected]
Adam Oliveira da Silva (UFPA) – [email protected]



To submit abstracts for special or poster sessions: From February 15th to April 30th, 2019.
The acceptance notification will be sent on May 4th, 2019.


Since the II IMDE is a joint conference with the IV Week of Mathematics Students of UFPA, the following minicourses will be given only in Portuguese and the target audience is composed of undergraduate students. The application is free, but since each minicourse has a limited number of places, each interested participant can choose at most one option. To apply, send an email to [email protected] letting us know your full name and the minicourse of your preference.


MINICURSO 1 (40 vagas)


RESUMO: Clique Aqui


MINICURSO 2 (20 vagas)


RESUMO: Clique Aqui


MINICURSO 3 (40 vagas)


RESUMO: Clique Aqui


MINICURSO 4 (40 vagas)


RESUMO: Clique Aqui


MINICURSO 5 (40 vagas)


RESUMO: Clique Aqui


MINICURSO 6 (20 vagas)

FACILITADORA: Profa. Dra. Midori Makino

RESUMO: Clique Aqui




Download the II IMDE posters and brochure bellow:

  • The II IMDE: Conference Amazon-Andalusia on PDEs will take
    place at the events center Benedito Nunes which is located
    in the Basic Campus of
    the Federal University of Pará - UFPA
  • Conference Place Address

    UFPA Address: R. Augusto Corrêa, 1 - Guamá, Belém - PA, 66075-110